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  • Unlock your body’s ability to lose fat easily, efficiently, and effectively in an all-natural way, successfully!"
    “It always seems impossible, until it has been done ….. by you” Nelson Mandela What sets us apart from others is the integration of science-based technology developed over 30 years ago for use by astronauts while in space. This technology was originally designed to off-set the dynamic effects of a zero-gravity environment on the human body in order to maintain optimal health. Now, when combined with functional nutrition and proper hydration, these powerful tools allow anyone to effectively address excess body fat issues through the use of our system. Bio Energy Synthesis technology uses specific frequency stimulation patterns that are designed to help improve metabolic function by restoring damaged or diminished cellular communications within the body. These artificial patterns allow the body to “resonate” with and match the corrective frequencies to repair disrupted cell communications that produce many ailments that affect optimal health The nutritional component of our system incorporates specific combinations of WHOLE FOODS, eaten within specific intervals each day. It is designed to combat acidity and to promote slight alkalinity within the body. Proper alkaline balance helps to heal the body and fight diseases like cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, obesity, and more. Adequate hydration (including the type of hydration) while on our system is critically important for these cellular corrections to be successfully carried out.

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